Last week, Wagz attended BlogPaws 2017, the premier event for bloggers and influencers in the pet industry. Our goal at the event was to share our story – why we created a smart dog collar – and meet bloggers and social media influencers who share a similar vision.

After three solid days of networking, we came away with a few key takeaways from the conference that are helping us shape our launch. We are committed to providing our customers with the best smart dog collar in the industry, and the feedback from BlogPaws will be instrumental in that goal.

People support brands that share their values

From day one, Wagz has been committed to safer, healthier, happier pups. This is behind everything we do – from product strategy to creation. We envision a world where humans can be confident letting their dogs explore and play, and because of this, we created a smart dog collar that connects owners to their dogs in an unprecedented way.

It turns out, there are a lot of dog owners who want the same thing for their dogs. Of course we knew this, but never before was it so evident as it was last week at BlogPaws. Hundreds of people came together with one thing in common – their connection to their dog. So when we told them about our mission, their eyes lit up in recognition and excitement. For us, this was validation that what we are doing truly does matter.

Forget one-offs; people want a smart dog collar that does it all

If there was one question we heard over and over last week, it was “why is Wagz different?” There are other smart collars in the market right now that pet bloggers and influencers have tried out for their pets. We know of collars that have some of the functionality Wagz does, but we do so much more. We don’t do just location tracking, or just activity tracking. We have all of that functionality, plus other things dog owners care about; like bark monitoring, invisible leashing, and geofencing. And to top it off, we offer live HD video streaming with two-way audio so we can connect in real-time to the sights and sounds your dog is experiencing at any given moment.

So how are we different? One of the attendees answered that question for us last week when he said “Wagz is the only smart dog collar I’ve seen that does it all!” Yes, that’s right – Wagz is the only product dog owners need to connect with their pets. And we should probably get that guy a job.

Our video camera is incredibly exciting

One of the most interesting takeaways from BlogPaws this year was the varying levels of excitement for different features in the Wagz collar.

People who are worried about their dog running off loved our GPS tracking and the ability to create a geofence containment area. Dog owners with an active lifestyle got jazzed up about our invisible leash functionality and safely having their dog off leash while running, hiking, hunting, or more.

But the one thing that seemed to get excitement from the majority of people we talked to was our live HD video camera. You’d be surprised how many dog owners have tried to attach a GoPro to their dogs! What excited people was two-fold: recording and sharing their dog’s adventures, but also the ability to see and hear life from their dog’s point of view at anytime. Say, for example, you are at work while your dog is home, and you receive an alert to your Wagz app that your dog’s barking has escalated. You can simply open your app on your phone, and instantly see what has your dog riled up. With two-way audio, you can calm your dog down with a command, and then go on with your day. This type of human to dog connection has never been created before, and it’s fantastic to see the industry getting just as excited about it as we are at Wagz!

BlogPaws 2017 was a tremendous success for Wagz this year! It was our first experience with the conference, and we had a lot of positive interactions that are helping us shape and launch the best smart dog collar on the market. Big thanks to the BlogPaws team for a wildly successful event!

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