5 States Where It’s Legal to Bust Dogs Out of Hot Cars

The summer is a great time to be a dog. There are swimming pools, lakes, rivers, open windows, lots of walks– it’s glorious. But as temperatures rise, it becomes more dangerous to run errands with your dog as the risk of leaving him/her in your car can be disastrous.

It may seem like a quick errand is harmless, but it’s important to understand how quickly cars can heat up in the summer – even in the shade. On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside of a car can soar to 100 -120 degrees in just a matter of minutes – even in shade.  On a 90-degree day, it can take just 10 minutes for a car to heat up to 160 degrees. Both situations are much too hot for your dog, and cracking your window isn’t enough.

There are 16 states in the US that have established laws that allow authorities to break into vehicles with overheated dogs inside. But the average citizen often does not have those same rights. The time that it can take for authorities to arrive and rescue a dog out of a hot car after a concerned citizen makes an emergency call can be fatal.

The good news? Things are changing. There are now five states that have made it legal for citizens to rescue innocent animals from hot cars without being prosecuted for damages: Tennessee, Florida, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Ohio.

For more information on the specific “Good Samaritan” laws in these states, check out this great blog post on BarkPost:

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