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The Wagz connected collar is designed to be a “dog-friendly,” wearable technology focused on a mission of no more lost pets. Our retail and dealer partners are critical to helping us advance the Wagz experience to valuable consumers everywhere. We appreciate the time and resources our dealers devote toward coaching knowledgeable personnel and providing a compelling in-store experience. Wagz is committed to developing cutting edge technology that captures consumer interest and brings more customers to your store.

Wagz Become Reseller

Why Carry Wagz?

Wagz is a new product category for a new era.

  • Millennials are the largest group of dog owners. They’re also digital natives, versed and comfortable with being connected and socializing online.  But the pet products in stores today are the same as they were 20 years ago.  Wagz brings cutting edge technology to the world of pet ownership.

People are concerned about their dogs.

  • Over 10 million dogs are lost, stolen or die each year in the U.S. No one wants to lose a best friend.  Wagz can help track your pets location with its GPS and GeoFence features.
  • People want to know their dogs are safe and healthy. The U.S. pet product market place is valued at $60 billion, and yet it lacks innovation in delivering new products that can educate the average pet owner. Wagz has new technology that will monitor health and track your pets’ activities for you, ensuring that they stay safe and healthy.

We value our resellers as partners, not mere distributors.

  • We’re interested in choosing select high-quality resellers, not just saturating the market with our product.  With our narrow focus, we can promote each other.