The First Smart Collar for K9s

One of the most fascinating assets of the police and military force are K9 units and their handlers. K9s are highly trained to protect our communities by finding perpetrators, sniffing out drugs or IEDs, protecting communities, and ultimately saving lives. Every day, K9s are hard at work making sure their humans and families are safe – the true American heros.

Introducing Wagz Warrior: the first smart collar for K9s

At Wagz, we are working to further connect police and military personnel to their beloved K9s. We’ve gone to the whiteboard to design, develop, and engineer the first purpose-built smart collar for K9s, called Wagz Warrior. Our goal is to ensure we build a collar that is feature-loaded to make missions smarter and safer. We did this by creating an impact resistant, waterproof collar that includes HD video, two-way audio, precise GPS location tracking, activity tracking, safety alerts and ambient temperature monitoring – and it’s all managed through an app on your smartphone.

So why a K9 smart collar? The answer is quite simple; handlers need to be in lockstep with their K9s. Currently, wearable technology in this industry is fairly overpriced and generally lacks innovation. In our research, we found most K9 cameras can range from $3,000-$8,000 – and they generally don’t have high resolution or secure wireless connections. At $995, Wagz Warrior is both cutting-edge, durable, and affordable for large and small K9 units.

More than a video camera

As police officers are getting strapped with body cameras, there is now a need for video alternatives for K9s. Wagz Warrior will have the ability to live stream each mission, but also store that important footage via cloud or S/D card, if needed. And with 2-way audio, each officer has the ability to give live or preloaded commands to his/her K9 directly from a smartphone. 

In addition to the collar’s ability to live stream, we also added features that give a handler the ability to track K9 activity. A healthy, happy K9 is so important; Wagz Warrior can measure how many fit units (calories) a dog has burned, how much a dog has slept, how many miles it has walked in a given period, and the dog’s ambient temperature. All these features can help keep a K9 unit safe, healthy, and happy – ensuring handlers and dogs are working at their full efficiency. 


The Wagz Warrior collar is actively in beta and will be released in early 2018, but we are currently accepting pre-orders. We are working closely with police and military personnel to make the toughest, most reliable police and military smart dog collar out on the market. At  Wagz, our mission is to connect dogs to their humans for a safer, healthier, happier experience. Expanding this concept to aid in the protection and safety of our community is a no brainer.

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