The Wagz Scoop: What’s New with the Collar?

Wagz is a startup dedicated to bringing humans closer to their dogs. At Wagz, we go to work every day with the goal of making dogs safer, healthier, and happier. Tell me, how could you beat that?!

A prerequisite for joining this team is passion; we’re passionate about dogs, but also about cutting-edge technology that shakes up the norm. We know the importance of creating a smart dog collar that knocks any competition out of the park. That is the goal we are working feverishly towards.

We are over a year into our journey so far, and have met some incredible people that are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Wagz Smart Dog Collar. So, we’d like to let everyone in on a few updates.

When is the Wagz smart dog collar going to be available to buy?

The Wagz Smart Dog Collar will be available for the 2017 holiday season – just in time for people to add it to their shopping lists.

This week, we received a shipment of 50 collars that our team is currently installing firmware on. In the next two weeks, we will be releasing a beta program to test out the collars in a controlled market. Our beta testers will be instrumental in ensuring we produce a product that people love from day one.

What does the version 1 collar look like?

We recently took our collar with us on a photo shoot to capture all its best angles. This version will be sold only to dogs over 40 lbs. Very soon, we will release a product that will fit on a smaller dog’s neck, but for now, we are focused on larger breeds.

As a consumer, you will have two choices in a collar – one that has a live HD video camera, and one that does not. The collar will sell for $295, with an additional $200 if you’d like to add the camera.


What sets Wagz apart? 

When it comes to smart dog collars, this concept is very new. There are a few dog collars on the market that track location and activity, but they do not come close to having the level of technology that we are building in Wagz. This is the most exciting part for us; what we are creating has never been done before!

Wagz tracks and monitors your dog’s location, activity, barking, and temperature from an app on your phone. But that’s not all. It also has the ability to allow an owner to enforce a containment area (we call it geofence) that keeps your dog within a specific zone. You map out the area on your app, and your dog is deterred from stepping outside it through vibration on his collar. Similar technology allows you to safely walk your dog without the confinement of a leash.

What’s more, if you chose to add the video camera with two-way audio, you can see the world from your dog’s point of view at any time – right from your app. If you get an alert on the app that your dog’s barking has escalated, take a look through the camera to ensure your dog is safe.

How can someone get involved?

Reach out to us at [email protected] if you would like to be a part of our beta program. To stay in touch with us and receive content, tips,  tricks, and updates, sign up for our newsletter on

Thanks for joining us on the Wagz journey!

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